School Presentations

Nathan has delivered a variety of presentations based on various components found within the NSW schools music curriculum. Recent presentations include:
  • 'Introduction to Bebop' – International Grammar School HSC class
  • ‘Music of the DJ Generation’ (composers utilising sound samples and electronics) – Inter-district selective schools music workshop
  • ‘What is Free Improvisation?’ (discussion of the distinction between free improvisation and jazz improvisation and how it can be utilised as a compositional tool for HSC students) – Inter-district selective schools music workshop

'Beat Me' HSC Musicology - Mandatory Topic

As their mandatory topic HSC music students study Australian music written in the last 25 years. They need to research how each of the musical concepts work within a composition and compare this with other core topic works. There are many compositions that fit this criteria, but music teachers find it challenging to keep abreast of new repertoire. 

To meet this need Nathan offers a HSC workshop that addresses this particular topic. This workshop explores particular works of music, for example saxophone works such as Barry Cockcroft's Beat Me, which are fun and interesting to research as well as offering similar repertoire suggestions for other instruments. In the workshops, Nathan covers the following:
  • Background of the piece and composer (as well as influences)
  • Extended instrumental techniques through explanation and demonstration
  • A detailed analysis of works with handouts
  • Comparisons with other works
  • Related material and repertoire for various instruments
  • Performance of the work
For the last few years Nathan has given workshops on this topic for the International Grammar School and Sydney Girls High School Music 2 and Extension classes. He has also presented this workshop at the 2007 Inter-District Selective Schools Music Seminar for the Music Head Teachers from many leading selective secondary schools in New South Wales.