Buddy's Back - Rooty Hill

Rooty Hill RSL Club, Rooty Hill

“BUDDY’S BACK is one of the most exciting shows to hit the Australian theatre & club market in years!”

This production is currently touring to sell-out shows in Theatres and Major Clubs across Australia with the Everly Brothers Show. It is arguably the most popular and best Buddy Holly Show in Australia.

This production features Scot Robin who was the 1st Australian perform to play the lead role in the smash hit musical “Buddy”, The Buddy Holly Story, ‘Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper & Ritchie Valens’, cast by LONDON’S WEST END directors.

Scot is presenting a brand -new show and as 2018 marks the 60th anniversary of the death of Buddy Holly, this production will celebrate the life of this great performer. Catch this spectacular show performing at Rooty Hill RSL on Saturday 24th February, 8 pm show.

Scot will perform over thirty of Buddy Holly’s hit songs including: • That’ll Be The Day • Peggy Sue • Raining In My Heart • Rave On and of course Oh Boy!

Scot has performed in Buddy’s hometown of Lubbock Texas where he met with Buddy’s family, The Crickets and Buddy’s widow Maria Elena Holly to celebrate Buddy Holly Week, an annual event set up by Sir Paul McCartney.

The show is currently celebrating its 26th year of performing proving itself yet again to be amongst Australia’s most successful production shows. Scot says, ‘Every time I take to the stage, it gives me a great buzz seeing audience members sing along to every song’, ‘people constantly come up to me after every show thanking me for keeping the memory of Buddy Holly alive!’, ‘It’s like a breath of fresh air seeing so many young people in the audience and knowing the words to the songs’.

Nathan Henshaw - tenor saxophone